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Basic 200 AMP Home Electrical Service -

Only $1495.00 + Permit acquire and building department fees

    SPECIAL PRICE INCLUDES: take down your old panels,
                fuse boxes, pipes and any other service devices at the main
                location, in this location we replace it with a new General
                Electric GE Circuit Breaker Panel, mounted securely to your
                wall.. All the needed GE breakers will be connected and what
                they serve will be labeled. EMD removes all the old service
                pipes, meter socket, main panel and wires and replaces them with
                a new meter socket within 5' of your new circuit breaker box and
                pipe straight up to a new weather-head. All new: GE breakers and
                panel, meter socket, grounds, wire and pipe. A complete basic
                install. Heavy duty ground cable will connect to 2 - 8’ ground
                rod driven completely below the surface of the ground, 2 more
                connections on another ground wire will be fastened to your
                water main. One on each side of your water meter. All new cable
                will be from your new fuse box all the way to the pole on the
                street. These new service cables and pipes are used to bring
                your power through a new meter housing into your new circuit
                breaker box.
    Contact us for more information or to set your appointment. 

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   Electrical MD delivers Safety thru quality workmanship

Maximilian F Jaroszewski III  Your  Insured and Licensed

E1 Master Electrician Electrical Contractor 

CT License # ELC.0185131-E1           FL License # EC13007295 Electrical Technical Support Contractor   Offices 203-924-6000 & 941-227-6171

Toll Free 877-924-ELEC (3532)

Common Services:

All your home and business electrical jobs performed

  • All Residential; homes, condos and apartments

  • Industrial Commercial projects maintenance

  • All Services & Revamps 200 AMP & Larger

  • Generators, Power Surge & Energy Savers

  • Additions, Remodeling & New Homes

  • Solar Power Electricity, Hot Water & Heat

  • Cameras, networks, cable, antenna & Dish

  • Adding or repairing Outlets & Fixtures

  • No job Too Large or too Small

  • Electricial technicians available by email 

  • Jobs by others Inspected & Permitted & repaired or Demoed

  • SEE LINKS to the above and more for pictures & information